Friday, 3 February 2017


4 months and i still cannot moveon.  Ya,  i just want to share about my feeling today.  I dont feel like want to update about my daily life as usual. For those who ask me,  why i delete my old entry, i also dont know punca i buat mcmtu. Sekarang ni otak serabut nak mampus . Emosi terganggu . Idk y . But act i thought after i terserempak dengan orang yg i taknak jumpa,  fikiran i dah serabut balik ..

Is it hard to move on?
Why i susah nak move on?
Why i cannot erase my feeling towards him?
I dont care if i tak boleh erase all the memories about us ..
But can you please stop missing him, dearself?
Can you stop thinking about him?

Dear ego (myself),
Why bila time mcmni, kau taknak tinggikan ego kau?
Yes , i know im that type of girl yg orang kata ego tinggi nak mampus tak kena tempat.
Tapi kenapa bila time mcmni, ego kau boleh drop down gila?
Mana ego kau yg selalu sikit pun taknak pandang orang ?
Susah ke kau nak tinggikan ego kau bila situation mcmni? 
Orang dah tak pandang kau,  sila blah.  Pls jangan terhegeh sangat.  Dear ego,  can u help me to moveon? 

Dear heart, 
Can you stop loving him? 
Can you stop missing him?
Can you stop loving who doesn't loving you? 
Can you stop crying because of someone who doesn't appreciate you?
Can you stop hating all the people yg boleh buat kau sakit hati? 
Can you stop ........ ..

If i get only one chance to make my wish comes true , i hope that you'll be mine again . You'll treat me like before. You'll love me . I think i'll be the happiest person in the world.

Or maybe,

I wish that i can erase all my memories about you . And ya, aku tak pernah kenal dengan kau .

Its hard .
Its hurt .

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